Disabled (Profile)

The state of a Profile where all files and applications (for example NAA) present in the Profile are not selectable over the eUICC-Terminal interface.

BootStrap Profile

A profile containing one or more Network Access Application, and associated Network Access Credentials which, when installed on an eUICC, enables access to the communication network(s), only to provide transport capability for eUICC management and profile management between the eUICC and an SM-SR.


eUICC Identification

The EID is the eUICC identifier used in the context of Remote Provisioning and Management of the eUICC.


Embedded UICC

A UICC which is not easily accessible or replaceable is not intended to be removed or replaced in the Device and enables the secure changing of Profiles.


eUICC Information Set

The EIS is the eUICC information set which provides information about the state of the eUICC


Enabled (Profile)

The state of a Profile when its files and/or applications (for example, NAA) are selectable over the UICC-Terminal interface.


eUICC Manufacturer

Supplier of the eUICC and resident software (for example firmware and operating system).

eUICC Certificate

A certificate issued by the EUM for a specific eUICC.

This certificate can be verified using the EUM Certificate.

EUM Certificate

A certificate issued to a GSMA accredited EUM which can be used to verify eUICC Certificates.

This certificate can be verified using the Root Certificate.


Mobile Network Operator Security Domain

The security domain part of the Profile, owned by the MNO, providing the Secured Channel to the MNO’s OTA Platform. It is used to manage the content of a Profile once the Profile is enabled.


Network Access Application

An application residing on a UICC which provides authorization to access a network, for example, a USIM application.


A report about a Profile download or Local Profile Management Operation processed by the eUICC.

Operational Profile

A profile containing one or more NEtwork Access Applications and associated Network Access Credentials and Operator’s applications and 3rd party applications.


Orphaned Profile

A Profile whose Policy Rules have become unmanageable, for example, due to the termination of the Customer’s contract with the Operator.


Platform Management

A set of functions related to the enabling, disabling and deletion of a Profile on and the transport of Profile Management functions to an eUICC. Platform Management actions are protected by Platform Management Credentials shared between the SM-SR and the ISD-R. Platform Management does not affect the content of a Profile.

Profile Component

A Profile Component is an element of the Profile and may be one of the following:

An element of the file system like an MF, EF or DF

An Application, including NAA and Security Domain



Connectivity Parameters.


Platform Management Credentials

Data required within an eUICC so that a secured communication can be set up between an external entity and the eUICC to enable, disable and delete Profiles on the eUICC and to transport Profile Management functions.


Policy Rule 1

Policy Rules within the Profile


Policy Rule 2

Policy Rules associated with a Profile and stored in the relevant EIS at the SM-SR



Combination of a file structure, data and applications to be provisioned onto, or present on, an eUICC and which allows, when enabled, the access to specific mobile network infrastructure.



An entity (associated with one or more users) that is engaged in a Subscription with a Telecommunication Service Provider. The Subscriber is allowed to subscribe and unsubscribe to services, to register a user or a list of users authorised to use those services, and also to set the limits relative to the use that associated users make of those services.



Describes the commercial relationship between the Subscriber and the Telecommunication Service Provider.


Subscription Manager Data Preparation

The role that prepares the Profiles and manages the secure download and installation of these Profiles onto the eUICC.


Subscription Manager Secure Routing

The role that securely performs functions of Platform Management commands and the transport of Profile Management commands.